Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Or Is It?

I did a quick figuring and I only have to groom 5 more days until I close down. That’s something to be grateful about. Especially since I now have carpal tunnel in my right hand, and I’ve been entertaining ideas of chopping my arm off. Not really but the pain is real folks.

I worry though. I have not voiced my worry to anyone, so don’t y’all tell on me.

What is this worry, you ask? When my job ends and I retire from grooming in just a few weeks, I’ll become a full time artist. Will I be swallowed by my obsession with art because I no longer have anything grounding me to reality?

I worry I’ll just stay in my studio and neglect everything else. It’s either that or the opposite. I’ll be so paralyzed knowing I need to make something of myself through art, that I just can’t create anything.

I don’t think non-artists realize what artists go through. Not just with the actual creative process but with imposter syndrome, showing your work, and selling your work. Not to mention the forever struggle to develop your own style.

I think I may need an easy part-time job at a craft store. I could use the employee discount and the guaranteed income, even the small amount only a couple days would bring.

I don’t know, I haven’t worked for a large corporation, as an underling, in years. I remember how catty girls could be and I’m pretty sure my species has not changed drastically. I’m a drama free zone.

I’ll end my post with some of my recent art. They’re from a couple online lessons I’ve done, but I think I did a decent job.

Oil on Canvas, 12×12
Oil on canvas, 14×14

I am proud of them, which is triggering to my Scrupulosity. I need to write a post about pride vs arrogance and my (biblical) view. Not as boring as it sounds, I promise.

I hope everyone has a good week, stay grateful!


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