Bad Feelings, OCD or Legitimate?

Good news (or bad), I’m making a deal to sell my grooming business. Two young ladies, with a background in dog training, have made an offer. Complete owner financing over 5 years.

Can you see why I feel bad? Maybe not, so I don’t mind explaining.

First off, neither girl have a background in grooming, nor do they have a groomer lined up, as far as I know. Second, complete owner financing. That sets poorly with me, as I’m assuming all the risk. Add both of those together and it feels like a recipe for disaster.

So is this just good common sense telling me the situation is going to go sideways? Or at least, has all the ingredients to. Or is this my OCD telling me something is wrong and I have to do something about it.

It’s that same uneasy anxious feeling. But honestly, this feels more like intuition than OCD.

Am I so desperate to sell the business, to have an income, that I’m going to write this feeling off as OCD? I don’t know. I need input. From you, my readers, and my OCD coach next week.

I feel disappointed that I can no longer tell the difference between intuition and OCD. Or maybe I can, but I just don’t trust myself…


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