Will I Lose You? It’s My Opinion

Abortion. It’s a hot topic lately and you have to be very careful what you say around who these days. With the hoopla of Roe v Wade in the news, it seems pro-life and pro-choice is all I’ve been reading about online.

I read an article by a Christian woman that boiled it down into the really basic issue at hand. Things get muddied up with folks and their pro-choice memes. That fuels debate back and forth between parties.

Really what it all comes down to, is killing unborn babies moral?

My opinion is no, that’s even without instinctively saying that killing, as a general rule, is immoral.

So therefore the debate has come to people not wanting the government to decide their morals for them? They want the right to freely kill their unborn babies.

This is simply my outside observational perspective, because I honestly have no stake in this. And frankly, I find it very confusing!

I see the social media memes and I really don’t understand the point of them. I just don’t understand why completely irrelevant issues are dragged into a different issue to make a point, which isn’t made. At least not to me.

Is my hold up because I’m just so logical? This feels like a logic issue to me that others are seeing sideways.

I know it’s very risky to write about this subject and have a stance that is not very popular, but I felt compelled to write about my opinion after reading another blogger’s satire on pro-life.

Do you respect differing opinions? Are you scared to speak up when your opinion is unpopular?

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