Life Inspires Art, The Unexpected Happens

I received a call this morning that would have floored me, except I was already sitting. The call was from one of my employees, about my salon manager who is out injured. Or so I thought.

She told me she had applied at Corporate Pet Salon and got a call back, but that was not the breath stopper. What made my eyes pop wide, her interview was scheduled to be with…my salon manager.

Apparently she started last week. My employee quickly assured me she wasn’t leaving me, that she wouldn’t work for someone so shady.

But wow. Floored.

I didn’t know what to think, truth be told. I was waiting to hear back from said manager after offering her my salon, and she had asked for extra time to think due to her wife being given an opportunity.


An hour later my manager texted me. She told me her wife got a promotion and they would be moving out of state in 6 months, and that she, herself got a job with her cousin.

Is her cousin named Petsmart? Oops, I shouldn’t have name dropped (huge eye roll).

My heart hurts. Betrayal, lies? Did she actually get hurt? I want to think she did…but then to start a job elsewhere. I’m at a loss.

So to cope with my emotions, I’ve been creating backgrounds in my studio.

Notice the similar, expressive quality? I’m just so emo right now.

The thing is, I don’t know what to do with these backgrounds, because my OCD kicks in and my perfectionism, and I’m afraid of messing them up as I move forward.

I know to get through my feelings, I just need to create something with one (all) of them, and push through the fear. It’s just while feeling so emotional, my fear of mistakes is increased, and pushing through is easier said than done. Near impossible feeling.

I may end up creating a dozen more backgrounds tonight while I process things. Which I guess means I won’t need to make a background for awhile. Yay?

At least I have my answer. That I can be grateful for. My one saving grace in this stressful day. What a surprising twist, though! Life feels like a soap opera sometimes. A poorly produced one.

Back to the studio and my art…


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