Un-anonymous, The OA Who?

So, I finally made the decision to stop being 100% anonymous. It was a big decision for me, as I blog about my OCD and other mental health struggles and have always worried about people who know me connecting my blog with me and judging me.

No more.

I’m not going to throw my last name out there for the search engines to pick out and make things easier for stalkers, but I’m no longer going to withhold my first name nor personal details, such as my location, or my dogs’ names, and other details such as these.

It’s tiring. To think 5 steps ahead of what would be identifying and blow my cover. And the simple matter? I want to share my art, something that is most definitely personally identifying.

Anyone who knows me and judges me for what I share, related to OCD, Bipolar, or anything else? That’s on them and shame on them for being judgmental if it ever comes to pass. I can’t live life by ‘Ifs’. Or the fear of what others think.

So, without further ado, I introduce to you, your blog host and resident artist…


Jenne, pronounced ‘Jenny’.

I’m sorry it’s been so very long to put a name to the words and a face to the name.

There y’all have it, it’s nice to officially meet you all!

Scribble Bouquet


  1. Hi Jenne I’m Christina, it’s nice to meet you ☺. I went back and forth about staying anonymous or not. I didn’t to say my real name but keep some personal things hidden because of stalkers. Most of my family and friends read my blog, it was my way of telling everyone at once about my ocd. I’m happy with my decision for the most part. 😊😁

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    1. You are braver than I, telling your family and friends. I think to feel free to post my true feelings, I’ll still just not mention it to people close to me. I don’t know if I could handle it 🙈


      1. I have no regrets about telling people I know about my ocd but to be totally honest if I were to start a new blog I would remain 100 percent anonymous. I noticed I hold a lot back in my writing because I know family is reading my blog and I don’t want to worry them. To be anonymous or not…. such a tough decision lol


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