Louder, Perfectionist OCD Thoughts


Ironic, I’ve been working on a post about perfectionism and my husband decided now is the time to do his nitpicking thing. Since he got home yesterday evening, it started with pointing out my “dry lips”, then went from there.

Flare perfectionism even more, thanks.

I feel a connection with parts of the above song and my OCD, things just get louder in my head. Helped a bit by outside forces (people).

“All I hear is La La La and this voice is getting louder.”

I’ve been trying to combat the perfectionism, which is not a choice – if you choose perfectionism, I pity you for putting such stringent standards on yourself and your world.

I digress.

I’m glad to go to work today and be away from him, to be near my employees who do not nitpick nor expect me to be even close to perfect.

To clarify, I have nothing against if someone has small ‘criticisms’ on occasion. My issue is when they happen immediately after seeing me after days of being apart, then the whole evening it seems I don’t do anything right. That’s my issue. And I don’t think he has any idea he does it.

Throw a positive in there buddy, I need to know I can win somewhat at life. Or even an ‘I love you’ would be nice too.

Anyway… Give the song a listen, it’s a catchy one no matter what context. I won’t tell if you dance a little (or a lot, it’s really danceable lol). My post on perfectionism should be ready soon…once it’s perfect. (haha?)

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