Mental Illness Stigma via Doctors

I read a comment earlier in a mental health group that the person gets treated differently when their doctors find out they have mental illness. I used to think that most doctors realized people were more than their diagnoses.

I realize I am wrong and doctors suck. I apologize if you’re a doctor.

I have been having symptoms of hypoglycemia, albeit because of a surgery I had 16+ years ago and I don’t process food the same way anymore. I’ve had meds changes and I think they’ve affected me now.

My symptom that was concerning me enough to tell my doctors? After I eat, any size meal (not just giant Thanksgiving sized meals), shortly after I feel exhausted enough to sleep.

We’re not talking, oh, a nap would be nice. I mean, if I don’t find somewhere to sit down and close my eyes, I will fall asleep standing up. Nearly feels like I want to pass out. Many times I’ve not been able to do anything but sleep because I can’t stay awake. Sitting at my desk, at someone’s house, in public…

I told my new doctor this on my last visit. His response really rubbed me the wrong way.

“Hypoglycemia is actually quite rare.”

Uh, ok. Doesn’t mean my change in psych meds over the last few months haven’t affected how my body processes whatever (if I knew, I’d be the doctor).

He saw OCD on my chart and made an assumption I have health OCD or some other asinine assumption that would have him dismiss my concern and tell me to just…eat smaller meals.

Seriously? How about when I go back and his smaller meals plan hasn’t worked?

Unfortunately, because I know my blood sugar is dropping shortly after I eat, I will need to do blood sugar level checks after eating and log it, and then bring it to him. Kinda like I did when I was pregnant because I couldn’t drink the glucose stuff without getting sick.

I shouldn’t have to play doctor, my doctor should play doctor. If it’s not hypoglycemia, like he wants to think it’s not without investigation, then how about figuring out what it is? This is not the first time I’ve had to figure out my own ailments, with a really great track record I might add.

I’m just frustrated because I don’t want to sleep after eating! It’s not practical! Who has time to plan for that in their day, other than the Spanish? I can’t schedule in a siesta at work. Even now, I’m fighting sleep because I ate… that’s not normal.

Why can’t doctors just take symptoms at face value and not assume any nefarious reason you’re wasting their time, because of mental illness?


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