Right and Wrong, Not Ambiguous. OCD Flare.

I recently read an article where the author proclaims right and wrong are ambiguous and basically it boils down to viewpoint. I am horribly truncating his long article into one sentence. I’m not linking to the article because I don’t think he’ll appreciate my viewpoint, as I’m about to tear into that opinion, because I found it so very triggering.

Right and wrong ambiguous? Seriously? There are no grey areas in right and wrong, and people are born with the God given gift of a conscience which tells them inside the difference between right and wrong. Romans 2:15. Of course, it doesn’t matter if someone believes in God or not quite frankly, he still gave everyone that gift.

This argument hold you up because you don ‘t believe in God? My opinion on those who say they don’t believe in Him is the same as those who say they don’t believe in divorce….just because you don’t, doesn’t mean it doesn’t in fact exist. He still blesses everyone, He rains on the just and unjust alike, an oft misquoted verse that says He gives everyone on earth His blessings no matter who you are. There’s too much proof pointing to indeed there being a God and just none to exist supporting there is NO God, so I question scientists who love their Scientific Method.

See I’m so triggered right now, my mind is going down the rabbit hole of wanting to refute atheism (please, prove a complete negative for me – i.e. there’s absolutely no God), all because this silly man wanted to pontificate about how it’s all morally grey areas.

How do we know murder and rape are morally wrong? Even without being raised Christian or religious, people know those facts inside and are repelled by them. Children in extremist group situations have to be brainwashed in order to commit horrendous acts, as they are against our very nature.

The same with lesser offenses. We know inside it’s wrong to take what belongs to others, we know it’s wrong to betray our spouse. God gave us a conscience to help guide us, to say there is no right and wrong is just appalling and almost laughable (if I wasn’t appalled and triggered!).

Honestly, just woe to what our world has come to. If you’ve read my blog long enough, you’ve caught on I suffer from scrupulosity. It’s not so much now that I worry about my own salvation and state of my soul. It’s the entire world I worry about. And my lack of ability to do anything about it. More and more atheists every day, more agnostics who simply just don’t care, all who’s eternity I worry about and cry over.

I just can’t do today. Or this week. I have a church event tonight, church tomorrow, and Bible study Monday morning. Being so triggered right now, being around people is near impossible. No right and wrong? Ugh! Wonder how that fella will feel if I stab him for his lunch and tell him it wasn’t wrong because I am hungry.

Think I’ll stop reading the blogs for a couple days until I get things back under control.

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