Is The ‘Get Mine’ Mindset The Norm?

Take time to think of others. There’s a distinct lack of that in general in today’s society as a whole.

Case in point is a woman complaining about her husband (on social media) not getting enough hours at his job, saying she knows the profit margins are high because there are 2 employees at $12 per hour for a $2,000 job, and gasp…his boss goes to their church. He’s being dishonest, her husband needs to find another job! (Her thoughts, not mine).

I chime in on someone’s comment that they shouldn’t assume that his costs aren’t high, that the cost of doing business is more than people realize. I agree and say that yes indeed, that $12 per hour employee would cost me at least $17 per hour due to all the extras the state wants from me. That doesn’t count insurance and operating costs, nor materials. In her case, construction, materials cost would be quite high.

Someone after me was all like, “But a promise is a promise, he was promised 40 hours!”.


I likened it to the Pharisees following the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law. For all she knows his family could be starving due to high costs, they could be on the verge of closing down, or it’s possible he’s avoiding layoffs by reducing hours.

My opinion was the husband go speak to his boss about it like an adult and find out the situation. You know, ‘cause we’re all adults.

What good does throwing a tantrum and being indignant about what you were promised and not getting, if you don’t find out why you’re not? Perhaps it’s none of the above and it’s work performance!

Such an entitlement era we live in. Breaks my heart that so often people don’t take the time to pause and think through the other side of a situation. Often thinking of the possibilities can diffuse anger and help you want to work toward a resolution.

Just breathe and think, so simple. Perhaps it’s too much of a “get mine” world for that.

I pray not.

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