Daddy Issues and Television Trauma

We were watching a TV show a couple weeks ago and the dialogue was about how a father’s job is to just do the loving.

Just the discussion about a father’s job got my heart hurting, wishing I had that father figure in my life. I know I can take comfort that I have a Heavenly Father, but it’s completely not the same.

I have issues feeling like I’ve missed out. Father-daughter talks, someone to go to for advice that has that…fatherly perspective. I know it’s probably so much better in my head, but those of you who had normal dads, have absolutely no idea how unbelievably blessed you are.

I have had step-dads and have one now. The one now is a decent man who I respect and care for greatly, but he’s not someone to go to…and he’s not Godly. My step dad during my formative years really didn’t like me, hence his threats to throw me down the stairs, and our bouts with counseling.

I struggle watching TV shows or movies where there’s an awesome dad. Feelings of sadness and not exactly jealousy…but, yearning perhaps comes close to explaining it, seems to pervade my emotions.

It’s silly how emotional I get over fiction. Which is why I really only watch it with others, I get too emotionally involved and quite upset. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bawled my eyes out when a series has ended, simply because it was over and I mourned it and the characters’ figurative passing.

We’re not talking sad, sappy series either. I loved ALIAS and Dexter. Very not sappy, but boy did I cry like a baby.

I can’t be the only one who has mourned over fiction though?

It’s either the empath in me or that I’m a highly sensitive person. Perhaps a combination of the two, is most likely.

How much does fiction affect you? I’m curious as to where I fall on the “everybody else does that too” scale.

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  1. There were a couple shows that I was actually a sad to see end. Nashville was one of those shows. I grew to love the characters and the storyline and I really didn’t want the show to end.


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