Spoiled Millennials, So Many Decisions, and Keeping Faith

I am trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong that I have employees that keep quitting without notice. I don’t know if it’s my judgement in hiring, or if I’m inadvertently being a bad boss. I go out of my way to try to be a very good boss, so I’m not happy about it, but I’m thinking it’s my judgement.

My moody, millennial groomer quit. Last night at almost 10pm.

Tuesday morning she texted me that she needed the day off because her grandmother was in the nursing home, she got sick, and she didn’t know if she’d be able to see her again.

I replied that I was going to reschedule her appointments to Wednesday, as that was the arrangement I made with her previously since she had been calling out quite a bit. And I can’t really physically handle anything now.

Her response was that she couldn’t because she had dogs she was going to groom from home and she’d come in Monday.

Uh, no. Not cool with me. Very not cool with me.

My response, “Your full time job should take precedence over your side job. If it doesn’t, that is a problem for me. I have no problem with you seeing your grandmother today, I understand. I expect you to rebook your dogs tomorrow and groom at your full time job.”

The fact that I have a grooming business and let her groom dogs at home, that’s actually pretty awesome of me. Not many owners would be ok with that, and I shouldn’t have been honestly, but it is what it is.

It was a simple “ok” from her. But she had plans to quit, well before last night. I am discovering all sorts of things that have been going on, client data she had gotten (I disabled her access once I got the text), just things adding up.

I’m just trying to assess the situation.

I didn’t overload her with animals to groom, per her request, and she repeatedly told me how happy she was about it. I only had her working on 5 dogs a day, at most. Most other salons? 6-8+ without a bather, which I actually had one available to help her if she needed. Which she used regularly. I also provided her with on the job training in holistic techniques, skin and coat science, skin therapies, hydro-therapy, tons of additional stuff that she could not have learned anywhere else without paying money to learn it. I was also trying to work on training her in grooming cats.

All of this in just 3 months, as my business just opened and I’ve been working on building things up, for everyone.

She said she wasn’t making enough and felt under valued, and it was clear she wouldn’t advance in my business financially or responsibility wise.

Hmm, millennial much?

I am looking back at her behavior over recent weeks and I see lies. I see how she was setting up to leave. After only a couple months, she didn’t think to give me a chance to talk her concerns through. Her concerns were valid but also incorrect in her assumption.

Unfortunately, she only saw her take home pay. I don’t think she was seeing her paystubs online. She said (in her text) that Target employees make more and do less (no offense meant by her comparison!). I figured her average on just 3 weeks, where she didn’t even work over 30 hours for 2 of those weeks, due to call outs. Over $19 per hour for 2 weeks and over $17 per hour for another. Groomers understand commission speak, so in those terms, she was making between 40 and 50% commission, and I was paying all her taxes, disability, and workmans comp. Plus benefits. Her previous job was only 40% commission and she had to pay her own taxes, etc, with no benefits.

So, had she come to me, I could have shown her the facts. I could have shown her if she wanted to make more that she could work more hours (her actual 38-40 scheduled hours), she could groom 1-2 more dogs a day, and/or she could try upselling our extra services for the easiest extra money. Seriously, if you just ask if someone wants teeth brushing for their dog, many say yes and it’s an additional $9 right there.

But, like I said, she behaved millennial. It honestly doesn’t make me angry but it breaks my heart. I hurt for her. She’s going to go through life wanting more and more and more and being disappointed.

Where did I fail her though?

When my last employee quit without notice, I was very clear that I wanted everyone to feel like they could come to me if they had any concerns at all. Any concerns. She jumped on that bandwagon and openly criticized anyone who wouldn’t.

There is no recourse for people like her though.

I do admit, I am hurt to hear that when the employees were discussing me closing my store for a week, next week, due to my mounting health issues, she was concerned solely about herself. She wanted or expected some type of compensation. Don’t get me wrong, I understand having bills, and I considered everyone’s financial situation before making my decision. I knew she didn’t need the income to survive for a week. Her fiancé carried her and her income was to help with her wedding. A week wasn’t going to take food off her table. And yet she instigated another employee to get upset about it, getting him hot and bothered about the lack in income. The difference in the 2 employees? He came to me about this concern when he realized it. And I found a solution. I can’t exactly afford to help him, but he needs the help, so I’ll figure it out.

This situation with her has caused all sorts of problems, truth be told. I’m literally sitting here nearly unable to use my arms because of working for her today.Thanks fibromyalgia and nerve damage, thank you very much. Much love!

But I’m getting through because I am relying on my faith in God. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but he does. He did this for me, because I couldn’t. He knows I’m a push over. He’s got my back. I have to trust that whatever happens next, he’ll have my back then too.

And if another employee decides to quit without notice? Well, I’m just gonna sell everything and move to Colorado and live on a pot farm. Just kidding. I’ll hopefully handle that situation with as much grace.

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  1. Well the truth is, we will never have power over other people’s actions. But the best part is, we are a complete & sole in-charge of our actions, thought-process, will and zeal to do something or to achieve something.
    And only good things happen with people with good intentions.
    More power to you!!!

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